The most expensive MMORPG tend to go pretty quickly

18 Apr

Blizzard online store sales promotion, originally priced at USD$ 19.99 ,The World of Warcraft Battle Chest(including world of warcraft complete game, the burning crusade expansion set, the wrath of the lich king expansion set, includes first month of game time, 256-page beginner’s guide from brady games),now only need USD$ 10, the event is begin, the physical box version is robbed, you are may be said, why my actions do not hurry it?



The reasons why World Of Warcraft movie dystocia

15 Apr
Blizzard’s the project of World of Warcraft film has been brewing for five years, the original plan is expected to be releases in 2013, but has not started making the movie, in which the film director is a big problem, they spend a lot of time to choose who is the suitable person to this film, director Duncan Jones added in 2013, Blizzard will give us what surprise?
In fact, Blizzard also know very little successful film, which video games adapted inti the live-action film, the film adaptation of the novel is even more simple, because novel in the reader’s mind does not a fixed image, the chief executive officer Thomas Tulls said: the movie wants to be successful, you must first forget the game, and concentrate on the story. So what exactly causes video games adapted into a movie so difficult?
1.Screenplay, director, actor, special effects, these are the hardware conditions for movies, which are the fundamental factors to determine whether the work is excellent. The same, video games adapted into a movie, also have been affect by these factors.
2.degrees of freedom, the world view, why the game appealing? Because the player can controls a role, can be integrated into the game world, personally dialogue with the NPC, fight the BOSS, but film is impossible to do this. This has resulted the game adapted into a movie have a great difficulty.
3.Different audience, different groups, different tastes. Game adaptation of the film, it means to cater to two groups of people: movie-audience, game players. there are different pursuit between them: the movie-audience, pursuit of the story, acting, special effects; but game players pursuit: the movie plot is consistent to the game plot? The image quality of the actor is consistent to in the game?  Meet the requirements of these two directions at the same time, not easy!
4.WOW game sales well five years ago, but two years later, the film can be available, how many players play the World of Warcraft game at that time? Unpredictable

Of course, we can not give up everything when have some difficulties, as players, we still look forward to the World of Warcraft film, I hope that Blizzard will give us a big surprise.




You must play these 10 classic games as game player

12 Apr
Some games have created their own history,Some games define the whole game industry. Over the last 6-7 years, this is a multiplayer game era , let us work together to review these 10 classic games, although these game’s sales may be is not the highest, but they are a real classic.
1 “Portal 2”: it is a shooting game. The weapons in the hands of the players not to shoot the enemy, but to fire walls, floors, is the special operation for example: open export. to find hidden passages or unlock the various organs and the puzzle by this way, it will be a new challenge for the player’s imagination and spatial thinking ability. Historic Significance: the level design, the screen and the plot are perfect.
 2. “World of Warcraft“: it is not only different from other MMORPG, But is also not the same with Warcraft series , there are many changes: numerous career and race, a large number of vocational skills and a complex combination of different races talent, makes the game repeat play is very high . Functional team culture of teamwork and organization and coordination skills of the players, encourage the spirit of cooperation of the players in the game, allows players to put more emphasis on strategies and methods, the copy existence, let this game with unlimited scalability. User-friendly interface and a good third-party plug-in support to give players vast creativity, state-of-the-art map seamless connection technology, not only greatly reduce the players waiting in front of the screen to read the article, and also given the players a near-real game world. Historic Significance: is the greatest online games.

Radix isatidis can prevent H7N9? Let’s see the panacea in the game.

11 Apr
Recently,H7N9 avian flu was found in eastern China. This avian flu will lead people to death. Some people began to panic, they buy the radix isatidis to prevent it. Radix isatidis become the drug can treat all diseases in the eyes of many people, in fact, there are no panacea in real world, we should go on taking exercise and attention to personal hygiene to prevent it. but you can find the panacea in the game, these drugs will play important role at critical time, regardless of the player’s character suffered what abnormal state, they can help you solved, now let us see the following drugs in the game world.
 1.    <Resident Evil> medicinal herbs, there are contains green herbs, red herbs, blue herbs, have magical healing effect. 
 2. <Final Fantasy>,the pharmaceutical class goods in the FF series, two of the most representing is the Holy Spirit drugs and panacea, the former blood, the later cancel the abnormal state.
 3.  <Dragon Quest>,Detoxifying grass is the essential items, it can easily be removed the toxins from various monsters. 
4. <Fallout 3>, RadAway, after nuclear war, the world full of radiation, even the basic food and water containing radiation, really want to reduce it only eat RadAway, in fact, it basic component is iodized salt.

Starcraft: Ghost is expected to resurrection

10 Apr

On April 9th,the senior designer of Blizzard Matthew Burger has hinted in an interview, “Starcraft: Ghost” is expected to “resurrection“.

Starcraft: Ghost is a military science fiction stealth-action video game previously under development by Blizzard Entertainment. Part of Blizzard’s Starcraft series, the game was announced on September 20, 2002, and was to be developed by Nihilistic Software for the Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 video game consoles, Starcraft: Ghost is a third-person shooter,Blizzard announced in March 2006 that the game is on “indefinite hold” while the company investigated seventh generation video game console possibilities

Matthew Burger when asked about the “Starcraft: ghost “is still the blizzard active project?” , he replied: “this project is not canceled, it has always been there.” When continue to ask” whether can be listed” he did not deny, but said “maybe”. Considering the Matthew Burger presided over the development of the “Diablo 3” is now on PS3 and PS4 two consoles, therefore “Starcraft: Ghost” will expected to resurrection.


Blizzard confirmed they has purchased the IPL form IGN today

9 Apr

Today Blizzard confirmed that they has purchased IGN Pro League technology and assets form IGN, This purchased including all the equipment, technology and 23 employees. Along with purchase, Blizzard is bringing onboard members of the IPL staff as the foundation for a new team based in San Francisco,whose primary focus will be on creating high-quality web and mobile content in support of Blizzard games, this team first job may be is 2013 World Championship project.

Regarding the transaction, Peer Schneider, executive vice president of IGN, stated, “With the continuing evolution of the eSports space and the renewed focus on our core media brand, we made the decision to sell the IGN Pro League technology and assets and become agnostic in our competitive gaming coverage. Following Blizzard’s acquisition of IPL assets, IGN will partner with multiple organizations and cover their events.” All the IPL brand will become past, the main items of IPL before including“Starcraft II”and “Heroes Union” and “Shoot Mania Storm”, with the disappearance of the IPL, this events will cease to exist.

According to GameSpot reported that 23 members of the IPL team includingIPL general manager David Ting, he will responsible for the selection of his execution, a member of the creative core in the Blizzard team, departments of Marketing Manager Kevin Knocke will joined the new team as Manager of Online Broadcasting.

Itzik Ben-Bassat, Blizzard’s executive vice president of publishing said“This new team will help us to further develop the rich media experiences that extend the fun and engagement of our games online, we’re looking forward to now leveraging their expertise and technology to support a variety of online efforts.”

Let us anew recall 10 best RTS games

8 Apr

What is RTS? Real-Time Strategy Game, referred to RTS, is belong to Strategy game, mainly in the form of computer games, players often play as the generals, deployed its forces. Now let us recall the time when RTS game has just started, recall the ten best RTS games

  1. Dune 2 .
  2. Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal 
  3. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 
  4. Total Annihilation 
  5. Age of Empires 
  6. Starcraft 2
  7. Empire: Total War
  8. Supreme Commander
  9.  Homeworld 
  10. Company of Heroes 

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